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July 26, 2006

Flash Player in Ubuntu

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So far, I have been able to work around any little gotchas on Ubuntu pretty quickly. That said, I am currently dealing with trying to get the Flash Player to play sound under Ubuntu. I am not having problems with system sounds, RhythmBox, Totem, etc. But, for some reason, about 90% of the things I try to access Flash Player with don’t produce sound. I have found quite a few postings on this problem but haven’t found a working answer yet. I will post what I find works for me!

July 15, 2006

Ubuntu Linux Installation: Mission Critical Applications

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So, now that Ubuntu is up and running, it’s time to be productive and listen to music or watch some movies!

  • Adding MP3 Support to Totem Movie Player/RhythmBoxUnder Application | Add/Remove… Once there, click the Advanced button. Next, you will need to access the Settings | Repositories menu and check the “Community maintained (Universe)” items as well as the “Officially supported Restricted copyright Community maintained (Universe) Non-free (Multiverse) items. Altogether, I checked 4 boxes. Click Close, and then click the Reload button. Next, click the Search button and type “gstreamer.” Mark gstreamer…plugins-ugly. Finally, click Apply – click for details.
  • Adding divx (AVI) support… at a prompt, type: install gstreamer…-ffmpeg

July 13, 2006

The IT Crowd show

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I was recently introduced to the show called “The IT Crowd.” This is very funny comedy that pokes fun at I.T. much the same way that Office Space poked fun at office workers. If you work in I.T. or enjoyed Office Space, check the show out!


It’s installed!

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So, what I did to fix my boot problems was to spend a bit more time preparing as well as allocating more space in the process to give me a better opportunity to work with Linux.

I learned about a tool called QTParted to be able to resize partitions from within Linux! I booted from the Ubuntu Live CD and installed QTParted using Application | Add/Remove… This allowed me to remove the partitions I had created on my slave drive and create a new one just for the swap space used by Linux. It also allowed me to shrink the 80GB partition on my master drive (C:) to 34GB. Of course, I had to make sure I had free space on the partition. Also, I used defrag in Windows before I started any of my repartition. Once I had the NTFS partition shrunk to 34GB, I had about 45GB of free space to install Ubuntu on.

I went ahead and installed Ubuntu again, this time using hda for the “root” partition and the hdb for the “swap” partition. The install went flawlessly! The CD was ejected and when the machine booted, I was presented with the GRUB boot menu that let me chose between Windows and Ubuntu with Ubuntu being the default. It felt great to be able to boot again without needing a CD to boot from.
Next, I will write about the mission critical applications I needed to get running – movie (avi/xvid) and mp3 support!

July 10, 2006

Doh! Partitioning got me…

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I should have known better….

Well, once I decided on Ubuntu, it was time to install it. So, I have a desktop with 2 hard drives. The primary (hda) has 80GB and the secondary (hdb) has 20GB.

So, I moved some stuff around and freed up about 4GB of the secondary drive. Here is where things went a bit off! I installed Ubuntu to this drive, but what I hadn’t thought about was how the boot loader would work. Well, the answer is, not so well! So the master boot record (MBR) was updated to use GRUB, but unfortunately, it wanted to boot from the secondary drive which apparently doesn’t work very well. After the install, I rebooted, and vioila, no operating system found! The good news is that I was able to fix this problem and it didn’t even require the Windows boot cd!

Which distro…

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Well, after installing Fedora Core 6 and Ubuntu 6.0.6 LTS into a VMWare VM on windows, I decided to go with Ubuntu. What really appealed to me was the ability to initially try the Ubuntu distribution via the Live CD. This may seem silly, but it was a big time saver. In a matter of minutes, without affecting any of my existing machine configurations, I had Ubuntu running and was downloading, “installing applications”, surfing, etc. without installing anything!

July 8, 2006


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Welcome to Brooke’s World. This is my first blogging adventure and to start off, I will be writing about my experiences working with Linux. I have worked with Linux a bit in the past – specifically with Red Hat and Suse.

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